Royal Navy Officers' Charity (RNOC)


Charity Number: 207405

Contact: Commander Mike Goldthorpe BEM

Address: 70 Porchester Terrace London

Postcode: W2 3TP

Phone: 0207 402 5231

Website: RN Officers' Charity



Summary: To provide assistance and financial relief to all officers of the naval service and their dependants. Principally grants are provided to assist in a number of key areas including home repairs, debts, replacement of white and brown goods, provision of disability and mobility aids, nursing and respite fees and supplements to bolster inadequate incomes. In addition, the Royal Navy Officers' Charity is happy to consider applications for the assistance of children's education. The Royal Navy Officers' Charity is supported in delivering its objectives by the Association of Royal Navy Officers (ARNO) and has strong links with many other service related charities and associations globally.

Note/Restrictions: The qualifying officer needs to have held a commission in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or Reserves. Beneficiaries are serving and retired officers of the RN, RM, QARNNS and their Reserves, spouses, former spouses and dependants. The applicants must be in need of financial assistance.


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