The Royal Homes

Charity Number: 210760

Contact: The Royal Homes

Address: Queen Alexandra's Court, St Mary's Road, Wimbledon, London

Postcode: SW19 7DE

Phone: 0208 946 5182


Email: Contact enquiry form on website


Summary: To provide self-contained homes for widows/widowers, divorcees/ex-civil partners or unmarried daughters of members or former members of all ranks of the Armed Forces, Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet who are in need. To ensure that all who become residents can live out their days in those homes, at least for as long as they can maintain an independent life. 

Note/Restrictions: Applicants must be female and either a widow, divorcee, ex-civil partner or an unmarried daughter of a member of the Armed Forces, or women who are retired Officers or Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Applicants who served in the Merchant Navy and fishing Fleets must have served in a campaign afloat during hostilities (this would normally be recognised by the award of a campaign or service medal) and the need for housing arising from that service. Applications are granted to those of any age and of any nationality.

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