London Nautical School


Address: 61 Stamford Street, Blackfriars, London

Postcode: SE1 9NA

Phone: 0207 9286801

Fax: 0207 2619408




Summary: The London Nautical School, a Secondary School for boys, was founded as a consequence of the official report into the loss of the RMS Titanic. It exists to educate and prepare pupils to meet the needs of society, either at sea or in any other occupation, where responsibility, attention to duty and regard for others are valued equally with academic and practical skills.

The school's nautical ethos is still pivotal and pupils joining are assigned to either a port or a starboard watch. Boys attend residential nautical courses, which run throughout the year and they participate in other nautical visits and water based activities. The school continues to attract those with an interest in ships and the sea and many former pupils have embarked on careers in either the Merchant Navy or Royal Navy. The school is affiliated to HMS Richmond, a Type 23 Duke Class Anti Submarine Warfare Frigate. 

Note/Restrictions: The school offers nautical activities and career development as part of the school curriculum and works with partner primary schools. Not a registered charity. Offers access to water activities to inner-London children using limited school funds.

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