Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENS) Benevolent Trust

WRENS Benevolent Trust.png

Charity Number: 206529

Address: Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Postcode: PO2 8RN

Phone: 02392 655301

Website: www.wrnsbt.org.uk

Email: grantsadmin@wrnsbt.org.uk


Summary: The primary objects of the Trust are to provide relief in cases of necessity or distress among members of the Trust and their dependants, including grants for funeral costs.

Note/Restrictions: Any former member of the WRNS who transferred to the Royal Navy before 1 November 1993 or anyone who has served in the WRNS since 3 September 1939, is an automatic member of the Trust and therefore eligible for consideration of assistance.


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