Trinity House



Charity Number: 211869 and 211870

Contact: Vikki Muir - Grants Manager

Address: Trinity House, Tower Hill, London

Postcode: EC3N 4DH

Phone: 0207 4816900




Summary: The Corporation's registered charities are wholly dedicated to maritime matters. They embrace a wide range of maritime matters and include care of the elderly, education in seamanship, the safety and welfare of mariners and their dependants, the advancement of safe navigation and public awareness of the nation's maritime importance.

As the UK's largest endowed maritime charity the Trinity House Maritime Charity supports a number of other maritime charities.  For further information please see here

Note/Restrictions: Charitable grants are available for registered charities whose aims and objectives are compatible with those of Trinity House, i.e. for the advancement of education, safety and welfare of mariners or safety of shipping generally.




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