the seafarers' charity


Charity Number: 226446

Address: 8 Hatherley Street London

Postcode: SW1P 2QT

Phone: 020 7932 0000

Website: www.theseafarers'

Email: contact@theseafarers'


Summary: the seafarers' charity  (King George’s Fund for Sailors) is an ‘umbrella’ charity that, since 1917, has been giving grants to maritime welfare and other charities. Registered charities and other organisations that help seafarers or ex-seafarers can apply for support from the seafarers' charity. Grants totaling £2.5 million are paid annually.

 Note/Restrictions: By seafarers we mean someone who is, or once was, in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, Merchant Navy or fishing fleets. We also give grants to charities which help seafarers' families, including widows and children, and dependants. the seafarers' charity (King George’s Fund for Sailors) is a Registered Charity in England and Wales, No. 226446, incorporated under Royal Charter. Registered in Scotland SCO38191. Registered Office 8 Hatherley Street, London, SW1P 2QT.




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